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Silk City Fit’s response to COVID19

Silk City Fit is committed to continuing our mission of improving health, keeping people moving and happy.  We are so grateful for a gym with such a strong community, and it is trying times like these that showcase that in the best way.  We realize that a lot of people come to CrossFit for motivation from a community, coaching, and challenging workouts.  Rest assured, we can extend our services outside of our gym’s four walls.  Silk City [email protected] includes:

  • Daily workouts with both no equipment and equipment options
  • Instructional videos for all workouts
  • Virtual CrossFit classes
  • Virtual Social Hours
  • Virtual Seminars
  • Video Library 
  • Pop Up Challenges
  • Equipment Rental

Our dedicated coaches are always available to help and encourage in any way.  If you’re interested in what we are offering, please reach out at any time and we will be sure to include you in all we can.

We’d like to share a special thank you to our essential workers and front line workers during these times:  Police, Fire, Ambulance, Dispatchers, Nurses, Doctors, and everyone else fighting this head on so we all can rest at night. 

To our members current and future; we miss you all, we’re here for you, we appreciate your time, effort, and support, and we are counting down the days until we can get back in the gym.  Until then, keep working hard.  The habits we establish now and the way we respond to the situation, will only catapult us ahead when we’re all back.  Stay strong, stay healthy, we’ll see you soon.