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CrossFit makes up the majority of classes at Silk City Fit and they are structured as follows:

  1. A coach-led warm up that is dynamic and prepares you for the movements ahead
  2. A skill or strength portion made up of gymnastics, pure strength lifts, or a combination thereof
  3. The designated workout of the Day (WOD), which focuses on metabolic conditioning (metcon)





Perhaps you are hesitant to dive into a full CrossFit routine; the weights, the intensity, maybe a nagging soreness or injury? Maybe you haven’t worked out in a while and you’re looking to get back into it, or maybe the gym never quite fit into your life at all. This program is for you!

Silk City Fit is a boot-camp style group fitness program with classes offered 6 days a week at varying times. Silk City Fitness Academy is a form of high-intensity interval training for those looking to lose weight, tone, and get in shape by focusing on body weight movements, cardio endurance, and core work.



The purpose of Olympic Weightlifting is to get the barbell from the ground to overhead, sounds simple right? However, the Olympic Lifts, snatch/clean and jerk, are incredibly complex and technical involving constant drilling and technique work. We take the time during these classes to do just that.

There will be cycles of strength included but not limited to Snatch/Clean/Jerk/Press/Back and Front Squat, as well as light barbell cycling to work on different skills.



Our CrossFit On-Ramp course will teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit which we regularly program into our daily workouts (WODs). Don’t worry you’re not just tossed into a class to figure out for yourself!

The On-Ramp classes are 1 hour long and span 3 sessions. We’ll teach you movement standards and safety, CrossFit lingo, and how to scale movements to your own fitness level.

You’ll definitely work up a sweat and even create a strong bond with the rest of the new CrossFitters in your on-ramp class. Friends who sweat together, stay together!


CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is composed of elements designed to reduce Exercise Deficit Disorder and poor lifestyle choices: laying foundational movement patterns, providing children with a portion of their prescribed amount of exercise for the week, improving muscular fitness, engineering endless opportunities for success, and discussing roles for food—all while keeping the class and its information fun and engaging.

CrossFit Kids is an infinitely scalable program.


Nutrition Coaching

We offer Nutrition Coaching in three tiers:

Nutrition Group Meetings: Once every other month, free, where we discuss a nutrition topic in a roundtable environment

Small Group Challenges: Conducted quarterly focused on healthy habit creation/change

One on One Coaching: After an intake survey, you’ll be paired with one of our Precision
Nutrition Certified nutrition coaches to work towards your individual goals though weekly check ins.

We also offer an InBody Scanner on site.

For more info on pricing/process, please contact us at [email protected].

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