and BINGO was his name-o

Who doesn’t love a fun game of BINGO especially when you have the chance to win a free month membership!

The game is simple and just like regular bingo that you have played since you were a kid. Each square has a different task you need to complete—some are easy and some are a bit more challenging.  Once you get a “line”, or 5 squares in a row either across, down, or diagonal, you will receive a raffle ticket to be entered towards the prize packs.  The grand prize drawing is a free month membership.  The more lines you get, the more raffle tickets you will receive.  Black out your whole card and get 10 tickets, or 10 entries into the raffle for the prizes!  There will be one winner chosen from a hat of all raffle tickets submitted.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can pick up your BINGO card and register on the sign in sheet starting July 28th
  • You have from August 1st-August 31st to complete the game
  • All score cards and raffle tickets need to be submitted by September 1st
  • A coach must witness & sign off on each square you complete

Best of luck to all!