A Little Refresher

I have been Crossfitting for a long time.  It becomes part of your everyday life.  You get sucked into routine and sometimes forget about all of the reasons you love it.  Well today, I was reminded of why…

It has been almost 5 years since I first took my Level 1 Trainer Course, and this past weekend, I traveled to Crossfit Bare Cove in Hingham, MA to take my recertification.  Walking in, I was greeted by James Hobart and Spencer Hendel—two amazing athletes who have made it to the Crossfit Games several years in a row.  That alone was a wake-up call.  In what other sport do you not only get to learn from these athletes, but actually interact with them for an entire weekend?  It really made me think of the community aspect that Crossfit brings out.  I spent two days grouped together with several like-minded individuals—everyone is dedicated to bettering themselves and the members that they train.

One of the other things that really hit home was when they started talking about not avoiding weaknesses.  Sure, we all have a favorite Crossfit movement that we would prefer to do all the time (umm…hello, squats??), but to better yourself as an all around athlete, those “dreaded” movements are the ones that need to be worked the most.  So take the time after class, pick up that rope and work on double unders despite the whip marks you may end up with.  If you hate running, grab a buddy to chat with during your loop around Progress Drive.  If you need some technique work on your OLY lifts, grab a coach and ask questions—we are here for you!!

I’ve always loved Crossfit, but this weekend was a phenomenal reminder of why.  Here’s to many years full of community, health, and overall improvement for all of our members at Silk City Fit!


-Coach Sarah



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