Dan and Sheila Higgins–their story and a tribute!

Our CrossFit journey has taken on a life of its own. Never would we have thought that the hardest workout we had ever experienced would bring the best out of the two of us.  We have been CrossFitting since 2018 and it has been life changing.

This has transformed our lives in so many ways. Not only are we stronger physically and mentally, but I will suggest to you that we have a will that will not give up!

As athletes, we have been taught to perform to the highest level. We have been met with many challenges such as rope climbs, handstand pushups and thanks to the coaches and their belief and instruction, we have been able to achieve our goals. We both put in our very best effort, whether that is in our work life or our personal relationships.

The coaches and friends we have made at TBL have had such a positive influence on us and to that we are grateful.

Considering Covid 19 and the current world situation—we would like to acknowledge the efforts of Silk City Fit for continuing to inspire and motivate us through Zoom workouts, virtual happy hours, workout challenges and all the posts of encouragement. Thank you coaches for your continued support. We appreciate you!

-Sheila and Dan Higgins

And a response from Silk City Fit—first off, we miss you all!  We’re so happy we can still be part of your daily lives since fitness, health and friendships extend far beyond the four walls of our gym.  We are thrilled when member scores pop up on the daily challenges, and those smiling, sweaty faces get us through those virtual workouts.  Dan and Sheila are two members who continuously put in their best effort and are still focused on their goals, despite these trying times.  We should all follow their lead and look at this as a new challenge for us.  Thank you TBL members for your continued support—when we come back, we’ll come back stronger together!