The gym is open…but now what?!?: Ensuring mental, physical, and social efficacy

By: Johnny Martin–CF-L1 at Silk City Fit

We had a great first full week at Silk City Fit.  Being around our amazing support system and community and throwing down with our friends and family is second to none.  But at the same time, we were under a forced quarantine for three months without access to equipment, space, or, let’s be frank here, motivation.  

The fact is, it was tough to go for your tenth round of single-dumbbell “DT” when you could also binge-watch “Tiger King,” and we get it.  Our job as coaches is to be there to support you on this journey back. 

To make your transition back to our communities and workouts as stress-free, effective, and safe as possible, here are some tips and guidelines as you ease back into life at Silk City Fit.  

Prepare for your session

Success and progress comes with preparation.  Think about the next few months of your health journey as a road trip.  If you were driving cross-country, you would make sure you checked your tires, changed your oil, tuned up your car, and filled your tank.  Treat your body and mind the same way.  

Drink water, eat clean, focus on your breathing, and get adequate sleep.  Allow yourself to be in the best possible position to succeed and our community will help you with the rest. 

Ease back into it

We all have that number in our heads.  We know what we can hit for our back squat, we know our “Fran” times, we know exactly how long it takes us to row a 500m.  But fitness and movement is like riding a bike, you will never forget it, your feet will still hit the pedals and spin, but you are not going out for a Tour de France ride on your first ride in 10 years.

Treat your time coming back to the gym in the same way.  Use this as an opportunity to work on your movement patterns, be around our community, and most of all HAVE FUN with your fitness.  

Follow this mantra: “Train to train another day.”  Value and celebrate your accomplishments each day and get ready for your next training session.  

Use your coaches

We are just as excited to get back working with you as you are to come in.  Short to say, we are PUMPED and so excited to continue to work with all of you!  

When you see the workout and during our welcome and warm-up, talk to us.  Ask us about scaling options, have us take a deep look at your movement patterns, discuss your game-plan and approach to the WOD with us, we are here to help and want to set you up for success.

Thoughtfully reflect on each day

That car ride home from the gym can be magical, especially as the weather gets warmer. You throw the windows down, allow the sweat to cool, and ride the endorphin high of an amazing workout.  

However, sometimes we can get into a negative headspace, wishing we got just one more round or finished five minutes faster.  

Get out of that negative headspace! You came in, you went for it, and you are better now than when you walked in.  To help to stay thoughtful, reflective, and positive, try to follow this plan.

Identify one thing you LEARNED: That could be one cue from your coach that finally clicked.  It could be a new way to pace your 400m run or a way to transition during your bar-facing burpees.  Identify that thing, reflect on your learning, and work to embody it as a part of your journey. 

Find two things to CELEBRATE: You may have hit full depth on every wall ball or really worked on pushing your head through the window during a shoulder-to-overhead, find two things to celebrate about your session. This could be in movement patterns, speed, or even just something you felt.  Celebrate the way you helped a fellow athlete during the workout, celebrate the fact that you made it in.  Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Find one thing to WORK ON: We come in every day to learn, to sweat, and to become better humans, that’s what makes our community and our gym special.  To get better, we all have things to improve.  Identify one thing to approach during your next workout and attack it during your next session!

We are SO excited to have you all back, and can’t wait to get after it this week!