Member Spotlight–Beth (and Kam)!

1. Name

Beth O’Dea

2. How long have you been doing CrossFit (and at TBL)? What class(es) do you normally attend?

I have been doing crossfit for almost 6 years (wow!) and I have been at TBL for almost 3! I usually come to the 8 or 9 am classes earlier in the week and try to hit up the weekend classes whenever I can, sometimes with Kam in tow!

3. What’s your why? Why did you start? Why do you stay?

My why– I’ve always been somewhat athletic and went to the gym. A friend of mine had started crossfit and encouraged me to buy a Groupon to give it a shot! So I did and I never left!! I stay because I love it- it’s that simple! Crossfit has been my “constant” in life- I moved across the state, transferred jobs, got pregnant, had a baby and crossfit was always there. It’s my sanity! It’s always something different and you leave there feeling better than when you walked in and you’re bound to get stronger: mentally and physically!

4. What does a typical day look like for you? In and outside of the gym!

My typical day– is there such a thing? I work nights 2x/ week which allows me to attend crossfit, the other remaining 3 I’m rushing home to see my baby and spend as much time with him before lights out! I try to get to crossfit 3-4x/ week and that is my “me” time!!

5. What do you enjoy most about Silk City Fit? Favorite/least favorite movement?

I love everything about TBL! The community, the coaches, the motivation everyone provides, the workouts!! Everyone is super friendly and always willing to help out!! Ummm my least favorite movement 🤔🤔 Def Double Unders (because I can’t do them) and snatches! Although I have grown to dislike them a little less after our last cycle of doing them weekly! My favorite movement is def the hang clean!

6. After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?

I guess I don’t have a favorite meal- I’ll eat anything, anytime?!

7. What is one goal you are currently working on?

I need to be better at goal setting! I would like to strengthen my DU and def increase my 1RM with front squats!

8. What is one tip you would give to incoming/new members?

Step out of your comfort zone!! Believe in yourself! You will be amazed at the possibilities/ results!!!

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside and outside of the gym)?

I dont know if there’s just 1 accomplishment I’m proud of in crossfit! I remember shedding tears through FRAN my first time doing it because thrusters were just SO HARD and I was doing banded PU! I’ve come such a long way and can now do C2B! So I guess I’m proud of the strength I’ve gained and as long as I continue to show up, I know I’ll always get better!!!
Outside the gym, I’m most proud of my baby boy! He has changed my life and I never knew a love like that existed!