Monthly Committed Club–Feb 2019!

Here’s our group of people that made it this month (15 classes-unlimited membership/10 classes-3 day per week membership):

Doug Allin

Jeanine Allin

Whitney Becker

Donavan Carrasquillo

John Duenas

Ben Klimczak

Kathy Klimczak

Sam Lazo

Lindsay Mendenhall Fraine

Beth O’Dea

Elise Palkaunieks

Julie Parson

Jonathan Ponder

Adam Sadanowicz

Rebeka Slozak

Holly Surrette

Liz Tobon

Drew Thompson

Kristi Urciuoli

Safa Zarei

Great job to this group of people—this was a short month!  There will be a raffle for the two monthly winners soon.  Remember to sign in and log your scores, as this is the only way we can confirm attendance!